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Closed Loop Marketing that puts you back in control

Are you close to your markets? Then, you should be able to define and manage the critical data
you need to collect from customers and their associates during presentations or discussions.

It is blatantly obvious that ambitious and competent sales people and their organisations will respect what their clients feel and say. They will want to record and keep track of it and adjust offerings as necessary.

360 CLM - Closed Loop Marketing - made easy 4 all

Put yourself in charge and give all you sales people the opportunity to all achieve top performer status. Start by controlling the contents you need for client presentations. Free your company
from those apparent agency mysteries. See for yourself just how straightforward the technology
to implement it can be.

Grasp new freedom with the iPress3D

Drag and drop media of all required formats and produce a complete and secure presentation package that will run on any Windows based laptop, tablet or net book.

Include, video, sound, graphics, animations, PowerPoint, Flash, Word, Excel or Acrobat files and indeed, any other programs or formats required to tell the very best story and to get the most telling feedback.

Monitor your presentations, adapt to true customer needs

IPress3D will then monitor each step of your delivered presentations; second by second, minute
by minute. Each deviation in the flow - and most importantly; IPress3D answers to question:
"Why the deviation was made?" It automatically creates relevant reports and seamlessly integrates with your existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

We have over 25.000 licenses in active daily use globally; for medical education, presentations and Show Reels like eDetailing more than 1.000 doctors and some 500 pharma professionals have given their views during development.

The development is ongoing and the user community is growing.

Close the loop and get in control straight away. Find out just how iPress3D can help you and
your Closed Loop Marketing aspirations by contacting us today.

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